Security Weekly News Episode #113 – April 06, 2021

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1. IRS “Operation Hidden Treasure”, Microsoft Edge Grows, & ‘more_eggs’ Malware – 02:00 PM-02:30 PM


Breaches, Microsoft, the Dead Return to Life, The IRS is coming for your Bitcoin, Have YOU been PWNed, and the Expert Commentary of none other than Jason Wood!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. IRS Initiates ‘Operation Hidden Treasure’ to Root Out Unreported Crypto Income – CoinDesk
  2. 533M Facebook Accounts Leaked Online: Check if You Are Exposed
  3. Have I Been Pwned: Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach
  4. LinkedIn Spear-Phishing Campaign Targets Job Hunters
  5. Ransom Gangs Emailing Victim Customers for Leverage – Krebs on Security
  6. New Microsoft Edge grew 1,300% this year, overtaking Firefox
  7. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now supports Windows 10 Arm devices
  8. Twitter nixes a handful of accounts pretending to be happy Amazon workers
  9. ‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Now Make Old Photos of Your Relatives Dance and Blow Kisses

Jason Wood


Founder; Primary Consultant at Paladin Security

  1. Their ‘next job could be in cyber’: UK Cyber Security Council launches itself by pointing world+dog to domain it doesn’t own – Shouting cyber cyber cyber, mega mega fail thing