Security Weekly News Episode #120 – May 07, 2021

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1. Yahoo Answer Babbies, Bad Pings, Python Bugs, & Spectre Attacks – Wrap Up – 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


This week in the Security Weekly News Wrap Up Dr. Doug talks: Pings are bad, m’kay, Yahoo Answers, Python ipaddress bugs and the curse of octal, Deepfakes, Qualcom, Spectre, First Horizon Bank, & the show Wrap Ups for this week!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Deepfake Attacks Are About to Surge, Experts Warn
  2. New Crypto-Stealer ‘Panda’ Spread via Discord
  3. Feds Shut Down Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Phishing Website
  4. Qualcomm Chip Bug Opens Android Fans to Eavesdropping
  5. New Windows ‘Pingback’ malware uses ICMP for covert communication
  6. First Horizon Bank Customers Have Account Funds Drained
  7. New micro-op cache attacks break all Spectre defences
  8. Python also impacted by critical IP address validation vulnerability
  9. Yahoo Answers showed us how strange the Internet can be