Security Weekly News Episode #128 – June 18, 2021

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1. Akamai Outages, Microsoft, Cyber Insurance, & Pinchy Spider – Wrap Up – 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


This week, Dr. Doug talks: Pinchy Spider, Drones, Biden and Putin, Microsoft, CVS, along with the Show Wrap Ups & his Favorite Threat of the Week!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Over a billion records belonging to CVS Health exposed online
  2. Hiccup in Akamai’s DDoS Mitigation Service Triggers Massive String of Outages
  3. Cyber insurance costs and terms spike as ransomware attacks multiply
  4. Exclusive Ransomware Poll: 80% of Victims Don’t Pay Up
  5. REvil ransomware hits US nuclear weapons contractor
  6. Biden Tells Putin Critical Infrastructure Sectors ‘Off Limits’ to Russian Hacking
  7. Required MFA Is Not Sufficient for Strong Security: Report
  8. Make way for Windows 11? Windows 10 end-of-life is October 2025
  9. Scientists are teaching drones to hunt down human screams