Security Weekly News Episode #151 – September 21, 2021

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1. Amazon AI, Healthcare Policy, Google OSTIF, OMIGOD Vuln, iOS 15, & Time Crystals – 02:00 PM-02:30 PM


This Week in the Security News: Cosa Nostra, Amazon AI, Healthcare Apps, OSTIF, OMIGOD, IOS 15, Thailand, and Time Crystals! All this and the triumphant return of Jason Wood for Expert Commentary!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Europol Breaks Open Extensive Mafia Cybercrime Ring
  2. Amazon Driver-Surveillance Cameras Roll Out, Sparking Debate
  3. US policy change states healthcare apps must follow data breach notification rules
  4. Google announces partnership to review security of open source software projects
  5. Attacks Targeting OMIGOD Vulnerability Ramping Up
  6. Apple Ships iOS 15 with MFA Code Generator
  7. Details of 100M Visitors to Thailand Exposed Online: Research Firm
  8. Otherworldly ‘time crystal’ made inside Google quantum computer could change physics forever

Jason Wood


Founder; Primary Consultant at Paladin Security

  1. Turla APT Plants Novel Backdoor In Wake of Afghan Unrest