Security Weekly News Episode #172 – December 03, 2021

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1. NginRAT, AT&T Botnet, Bad Wifi Routers, & IoT Standards – Wrap Up – 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


This week in the Security Weekly News Wrap Up Dr. Doug talks: Ben Dorsey, NginRat, AT&T, Decryption, IoT, and Bad WIFI Routers! All this and Dr. Doug’s favorite threat of the week, & the show wrap ups for this week!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. How Decryption of Network Traffic Can Improve Security
  2. ‘Double-Extortion’ Ransomware Damage Skyrockets 935%
  3. AT&T Takes Steps to Mitigate Botnet Found Inside Its Network
  4. Nine WiFi routers used by millions were vulnerable to 226 flaws
  5. New malware hides as legit nginx process on e-commerce servers
  6. TSA Requires Rail and Airports to Strengthen Cybersecurity
  7. IoT devices must “protect consumers from cyberharm”, says UK government
  8. First Meta, now Block: Square announces name change