Security Weekly News Episode #184 – February 04, 2022

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1. Getting Zucked, Underused MFA, Elementor RCE, & LinkedIn – Wrap Up – 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


In this episode, Dr. Doug talks: Zuck gets zucked, MFA threats, DHS, Elementor, LinkedIn, and all the show Wrap-Ups for this week on the Security Weekly News!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Researchers Devise “DrawnApart” – A GPU Fingerprinting Technique
  2. Low-Detection Phishing Kits Increasingly Bypass MFA
  3. Microsoft: Multifactor Adoption Remains Low
  4. Kronos Still Dragging Itself Back From Ransomware Hell
  5. DHS Launches Cyber Safety Review Board to Analyze Major Vulnerability Events
  6. Elementor WordPress plugin has a gaping security hole – update now
  7. Krebs on Security – In-depth security news and investigation
  8. Facebook loses users for the first time in its history