Security Weekly News Episode #186 – February 11, 2022

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1. Crypto Megaheists, Sim Swaps, Maze Decryption, & Infected Win 11 Installers – Wrap Up – 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


This week in the Security Weekly News: Dr. Doug talks Crypto and more crypto, Sim swapping, Maze resigns, Win 11 scam, Tesla, and all the Wrap-Ups on the Security Weekly News!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Feds seize $3.6 billion in bitcoin stolen from Bitfinex hack
  2. Sharp SIM-Swapping Spike Causes $68M in Losses
  3. Decryptor Keys Published for Maze, Egregor, Sekhmet Ransomwares
  4. CISA warns admins to patch maximum severity SAP vulnerability
  5. Fake Windows 11 upgrade installers infect you with RedLine malware
  6. Self-styled “Crocodile of Wall Street” arrested with husband over Bitcoin megaheist
  7. ‘Full Self-Driving’ clips show owners of Teslas fighting for control, and experts see deep flaws