Security Weekly News Episode #197 – March 22, 2022

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1. Conti Ransomware, BitRAT Malware, HP Printer RCE, & Browser Phishing – 02:00 PM-02:30 PM


This week, Dr. Doug talks: Modern problems, Conti, Toyota, Android and Android, BitB, HP, and Jason Wood on this edition of the Security Weekly News!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Mirror Now on Twitter
  2. Conti Ransomware V. 3, Including Decryptor, Leaked
  3. Japan’s Bridgestone reports ransomware attack at U.S. subsidiary
  4. BitRAT malware now spreading as a Windows 10 license activator
  5. Android password-stealing malware infects 100,000 Google Play users
  6. Messages, Dialer apps sent text, call info to Google
  7. Browser-in-the-Browser Attack Makes Phishing Nearly Invisible
  8. Hundreds of HP printers vulnerable to remote code execution flaws
  9. 6 Totally Reasonable Phobias Sparked by Technology

Jason Wood


Founder; Primary Consultant at Paladin Security

  1. Web vendor CafePress fined $500,000 for giving cybersecurity a low value