Security Weekly News Episode #199 – March 29, 2022

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1. WordPress, CISA Alerts, VerbleCon, Rapid Attacks, Sophos, & Fleming Shi – 02:00 PM-02:30 PM

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This week, Dr. Doug talks: The Rhodesian Secret Police, WordPress, CISA Alerts, VerbleCon, Rapid attacks, Sophos, Apple Watch Spying, as well as the Special Expert Commentary of guest Fleming Shi on this edition of the Security Weekly News!

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Fleming Shi

Fleming Shi – CTO at Barracuda Networks


Fleming joined Barracuda in 2004 as the founding engineer for the company’s web security product offerings, helping to create the first version of Barracuda’s message archiving product and paving the way for expansion into new content security product areas. As Chief Technology Officer, Fleming leads the company’s threat research and innovation engineering teams in building future technology platforms to deliver continued success in our security and data protection products. He has more than 20 patents granted or pending in network and content security.



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Hacked WordPress sites force visitors to DDoS Ukrainian targets
  2. CISA warns orgs to patch actively exploited Chrome, Redis bugs
  3. Verblecon malware loader used in stealthy crypto mining attacks
  4. Attackers getting faster at latching onto unpatched vulnerabilities for stealth hacking campaigns – report
  5. Critical Sophos Security Bug Allows RCE on Firewalls
  6. An Angry Stalker Used an Apple Watch Wrapped Around His Ex’s Tire Spokes to Secretly Track Her
  7. Creepy Spyware Company Claims It’s Broke Right Before Asset Seizure