Security Weekly News Episode #73 – October 13, 2020

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1. Facebook Bug Bounty Club, Fitbit Spyware, FAA Gets Airline Warning – 02:00 PM-02:30 PM


This week, Dr. Doug talks Facebook Bug Bounty club, Zuck reverses, Trickbot, the FAA gets airline warning, IoT, Zerologon, and Fitbit! Jason Wood returns for Expert Commentary on Office 365: A Favorite for Cyberattack Persistence!



Doug White –

  1. Facebook Debuts Bug Bounty ‘Loyalty program’
  2. You can get network access for the one low price of 300$
  3. So, it was Microsoft who went after Trickbot
  4. Zerologon targetting US Government Networks in Chained Attacks – CVE-2020-1472
  5. GAO warns FAA that planes may need a bit more pen testing
  6. How to pinpoint rogue IoT devices on your network
  7. Fitbit API can be used to push malicious watch faces.
  8. Facebook does 180 and blocks holocaust deniers

Jason Wood –

  1. Office 365: A Favorite for Cyberattack Persistence