Security Weekly News Episode #82 – November 13, 2020

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1. Tianfu, Ghimob, Scalper Bots, Animal Jam, & Pay2Key – Wrap Up – 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


This week, Doug talks Tianfu, Ghimob, Scalper bots, Animal Jam, Pay2Key, the Sad State Of 2FA, all this and Doug’s Threat of the Week on the Security Weekly News Wrap Up!



Doug White –

  1. The Sad State of Two-Factor in US banking
  2. Animal Jam compromised by exposed AWS Private Key
  3. Google patches two more zero days – CVE-2020-16013
  4. Scalper bots strike against PS5 and XBox X debuts
  5. TianFu Cup 2020 was held in Chengdu
  6. Ghimob is a new banking trojan targeting 112 financials in South America and others on Android
  7. Fake Microsoft Teams update targets k-12 schools with Cobalt Strike driven frameworks
  8. Pay2Key is a hot new ransomware that is using RDP attacks and psexec.exe
  9. CISA and DHS state the Election was the most secure in US History