Security Weekly News Episode #89 – December 15, 2020

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1. PyMicropsia Trojan, Alphabet Outages, SolarWinds, & Jason Wood – 02:00 PM-02:30 PM


This week, Dr. Doug talks about U.S Agencies hit by Foreign Adversaries, SolarWinds, New PyMicropsia Trojan, SoRel-20M, Naughty Cyberpunk 2077 glitches, and the return of Jason Wood!



Doug White –

  1. Security Weekly Unlocked On Demand
  2. Multiple US Agencies hit in large scale attack attributed to the Russians – One of the many stories this week on this matter.
  3. Alphabet outages takes down Google, YouTube, and pretty much anything with a G in the title.
  4. Fireeye hacked by Cozy Bear apparently
  5. pyMicropsia discovered as new Windows Trojan
  6. DOJ gets guilty plea in Mirai botnet 2016 DYN attack
  7. SOPHOS and ReversingLabs release SoReL-20M collection of malware
  8. Boston Dynamics will be purchased by Hyundai
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 naughty bits out of bounds error provides costume overflow

Jason Wood –

  1. Why Companies Should Stop Scaring Employees About Cybersecurity