Security Weekly News Episode #92 – January 08, 2021

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1. FBI Warnings, Solarwinds, JetBrains, Government News, & 5G – Wrap Up – 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


Show summaries, JetBrains, FBI Warnings, Some Government news, and Bill Gates is about to take control of your brain and install Windows 3.0 Beta on your medula oblongata!



Doug White –

  1. JetBrains may have been involved in the SolarWinds Breaches
  2. Joff Thyer teaches a cool class on the 19th of Jan
  3. Chrome Extension sold and may now be updated with Malware
  4. NVIDIA warns of high severity graphics drivers flaws and release security patches
  5. FBI Warns of Swatting attacks now using doorbells to stream the swatting live
  6. FBI warns of expanding danger of EGregor
  7. Hack the Army 3.0 Bug Bounty created
  8. Anne Neuberger will be first Cybersecurity Rep on the NSC
  9. US State Department Creates the Bureau of Cyberspace Security and Emerging Technologies
  10. 5G Schematic revealed for mind control is actually a guitar pedal