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Tufin. The Security Policy Company

Enterprise networks are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, spanning across many on-premise networks, private and public cloud environments. At the same time, digital transformation and DevOps practices are driving an explosion in network connectivity changes. With each new network connection, cyber-attackers may gain another opening to breach or traverse the network.

There is a more informed, secure and efficient way to orchestrate security-related changes across enterprise networks.

Your security is only as good as the policy that you define and enforce. We have pioneered a security policy management platform to bring automation and analytics to security and network operations.

You can use the Tufin Orchestration Suite to:

  • Accelerate business agility through end-to-end automation of security changes.
  • Reduce security risk through adoption of a unified security policy and continuous compliance.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce complexity of hybrid and fragmented networks with a single pane of glass.
  • Enhance visibility and control.

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