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A Better Way to Protect and Share Data

Virtru helps you protect your data when sharing it, both internally and externally. We foster secure collaboration with persistent encryption and access and revocation controls to ensure privacy. Our distributed architecture means you can host your own encryption keys, giving you total access control, rather than blindly trusting third parties. And, through our industry-leading usability, you can begin sharing across environments in minutes.

To ensure that your online data remains protected, it’s critical to understand the different components of encryption key management, so that you know the right questions to ask when evaluating new and existing encryption technologies.
Virtru’s guide to encryption key management will help you understand common key management methods and encryption solutions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The four pillars of key management and why they’re important.
  • How to evaluate the right key management framework for your organization.
  • How to exclusively host your encryption keys in order to ensure maximum privacy.

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