BootHole, SIGRed and SMBleed… How To Effectively Prioritize And Remediate Vulnerabilities

Do you have a plan for BootHole? Have you fixed SIGRed or remediated SMBleed yet? Are any of these recent, high-profile vulnerabilities even relevant to you or your company? 

Vulnerability prioritization is a critical element of any enterprise vulnerability management program. But too often prioritization is done wrong, making the effort inefficient at best, dangerous at worst. 

Join this Security Weekly technical training with Vulcan Cyber and learn how to do vulnerability remediation the right way by prioritizing what matters to your business. This technical training will use a recent vulnerability like SIGRed and walk step-by-step through the process to align traditional vulnerability prioritization methods with business impact and risk algorithms for efficient and effective vulnerability remediation.

Most companies rely on models that only incorporate the severity of the vulnerability. Learn how you can leverage free tools, and the tools you already use, to implement risk-based vulnerability prioritization aligned with unique business risk tolerance. This approach makes vulnerabilities relevant to the business and makes remediation substantially more efficient.

Join us to learn how new approaches to customizable risk models help security and IT operations teams get fix done. Vulcan Cyber will include a trial instance of the Vulcan vulnerability remediation orchestration platform for registrants.

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