How to Prevent Account Takeover Attacks

Attackers are using methods such as password spraying and credential theft to commit fraud against websites at an alarming rate. Automated bots are aiding the attacker to conduct these operations at scale. Your defensive strategy should include a mechanism to determine if a session is being controlled by a real user or a bot. How can we best accomplish this without creating too much friction between the real users and your web applications?

In this webinar, Paul Asadoorian and Matt Alderman will discuss the challenges associated with account takeover and the limitations encountered in many approaches (including free and/or open-source tools).  Attackers can easily bypass some of the solutions available, and implementing the wrong solution could give you a false sense of security and have a negative impact on performance.

John Chirhart, Customer Experience Engineer, from Google Cloud will provide an overview of reCAPTCHA Enterprise, a new product offering that goes well beyond traditional CAPTCHA technology and implements comprehensive bot detection and mitigation. John will cover the common use cases, architecture, and implementation.  We will conclude with a  demonstration on how reCAPTCHA Enterprise can prevent account takeover attacks!

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