Minimizing the Blast Radius Of A Cloud Exposure

While there are many benefits of using cloud environments, modernizing applications requires proactive governance to ensure organizations are not exposed to unnecessary risk. To do this, the right architectural constructs need to be designed and implemented where proactive guardrails can enforce security controls without compromising the speed and agility of cloud deployments. 

In this webcast, Paul Asadoorian and Matt Alderman will discuss the challenges of securing cloud infrastructure, including the shared responsibility model, risk management, and infrastructure architecture. 

Next, Cesar Rodriguez, Head of Developer Advocacy at Accurics,  will discuss how 

  • proactive security controls can reduce the blast radius of incidents in the cloud,
  • Identity and Access Management can help enforce least privilege, and 
  • logging and monitoring can help automatically detect, respond, and remediate threats in cloud native environments.

Cesar will finish with a demo of Accurics to highlight their capabilities to reduce the blast radius of potential cloud breaches.

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