Preparing Linux Hosts for Unexpected Threats

Linux has been hugely successful in the enterprise over the past few decades, partially due to the flexibility and extensibility of the operating system. This has lead to upsides and downsides. One upside: powerful instrumentation that can be leveraged for system control and visibility. A downside: the increasing need to trust more and more sources of thirdparty code – OS updates and a multiplying list of package repositories: container repos, PyPI, CPAN, NPM, RubyGems and many more. 

Systems administrators and security practitioners will learn about threats unique to Linux systems and how to leverage the native power of Linux to protect against them. 

This webcast will explore: 

     – the current state of Linux exploits 

     – supply chain threats 

     – the importance of improving visibility in production environments 

     – basic protection against common threats 


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