Prioritization to Prediction: Building a Risk-based Vulnerability Management Program

Organizations are overwhelmed by the total number of vulnerabilities. With limited resources, how do you prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities for remediation? We’ve tried three different versions of the common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS), but still that leaves too many vulnerabilities to remediate.

In this live webcast, Paul Asadoorian and Matt Alderman will discuss the challenges of vulnerability prioritization for their experiences at Tenable. The limitations of CVSS and the lack of additional context limits the vulnerability management vendors’ capabilities to effectively prioritize remediation.

Next, Ed Bellis, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Kenna Security, will provide an overview of Kenna Security’s prioritization and prediction capabilities. Finally, Ed will demo these capabilities to show the benefits of a risk-based vulnerability management program, including:

  • Normalization of vulnerabilities across multiple sources/tools
  • Correlation of business and threat context for granular prioritization
  • Prediction of exploits to speed remediation

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