Ransomware Campaigns Are Evolving, Are Your Defenses Keeping Up?

It seems like every vendor has a ransomware protection pitch these days. There’s actually a good reason for that: we typically think of ransomware as just malware that encrypts files, but modern extortion campaigns are much more complex! This webcast will cut through the complexity and explain the current state of ransomware without buzzwords or vendor pitches.  

By the end, you’ll understand: 

  • Ransomware evolution over the past decade 
  • How the various stages of a ransomware attack work 
  • Methods for disrupting and detecting ransomware 
  • Techniques attackers could adopt in the near future 

Join Adrian Sanabria, Paul Asadoorian, and “Malware” Jake Williams as we go through the details you need to know to protect your organizations from one of the most prolific types of attack campaigns in cybercrime history! 

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