The Internet Exposed: Findings from the National Internet Cloud Exposure Report

As we all turn to the internet to fulfill our social needs during the global pandemic lockdown, it’s more crucial than ever that we actually understand our exposure. Rapid7 has just released the 2020 National / Internet / Cloud Exposure Report, affectionately called the NICER report. This work is the most comprehensive census of internet-based cyber-exposure yet. 

In this live webcast, Paul Asadoorian and Matt Alderman will discuss internet-based risks they’ve seen across the industry, vulnerability management best practices, common security challenges, and more. 

Tod Beardsley, Research Director at Rapid7, will then discuss in detail the findings from the NICER report, shedding light on the most exposed countries around the world, top risks by country and industry, and how to keep your internet self safe. It’s more crucial than ever that we actually embrace concepts like vulnerability management, cryptography, and service exposure and how they all contribute to the security and availability of the internet.

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