Your Attack Surface Is Far More Than Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The enterprise attack surface is like an iceberg; there is a lot to it, most of which is beneath the surface. Security tools have focused on their ability to see what’s above the surface and don’t (or can’t) see the parts below that present a danger. Attackers, however, are looking at every possible way they can get in. And often these paths lie “beneath the surface,” are not detected by traditional tools, and are completely unknown to the enterprise.

Microsoft just announced they plan to acquire attack surface management vendor RiskIQ. Palo Alto Networks acquired Expanse late last year. Why are these giants interested in attack surface management?

In this webcast, CyCognito CEO Rob Gurzeev will talk about what’s needed to not only reveal but protect your entire attack surface. 

We’ll cover: 

  • Why legacy technologies can miss 70% of the attack surface 
  • What attackers are doing to perform reconnaissance on you 
  • Where they focus their attention 
  • How you can use some of their processes to defend yourself (hint: automation is key)

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