You’ve Identified Your Vulnerabilities. Now What?

In the last Security Weekly technical training, we showed you how to roll your own vulnerability prioritization engine using free and open source tools. But finding and prioritizing vulns is just the first step in an effective vulnerability management program, and arguably the easiest step.

Vulnerability remediation is a dirty job, and nobody usually likes to do it, especially the IT teams that often shoulder the bulk of remediation work. Attend this webinar and where we will provide a first look at a new, free resource that delivers thousands of remedies as a service to bridge the gap between vulnerabilities found, and vulnerabilities fixed. 

Remedy Cloud is a new, searchable database of fixes and solutions for the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest risk to your business. Get security and IT operations teams on the same page and get fix done with a curated database of solutions that includes patches, scripts, configuration changes, workarounds, compensating controls and more.

Join us and we’ll show you how to get access to and use Remedy Cloud to find the best fixes for vulnerabilities like Windows Zerologon, and for the highest-priority Linux OS and application vulnerabilities.

Stop sending IT teams off on a wild fix chase by getting the right remedies to the right teams, right away. Simply finding and prioritizing vulnerabilities is not enough, let’s get fix done.

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